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сряда, 12 юли 2017 г.

Haircare:Batiste Dry Shampoos |Original; Blush; Fresh; Tropical| (EN)

Hello everyone

Dry shampoos are extremely popular the past few years – a couple spritzes and your dirty and with no volume hair gets clear, volume and perfumed.  I wasn’t interested in trying them due to my super sensitive scalp – I was afraid I might get new irritation or allergy reaction on my sensitive skin. A few months ago I was abroad and I didn’t have any time to fix my hair between 2 engagements so I decided it give the dry shampoo a try – and it worked!

The first dry shampoo I’ve tried is by Klorane – I’ll tell you more about soon, for now I’ll say that it’s super good product but it’s hard to find, to that’s why I decided to try Batiste. Batiste it’s bestseller when it comes to dry shampoos and they are easy to found in basically every drugstore.
I have to say that my hair is normal, thick with thick hairs, I wash it every 3 days and I have sensitive and prone to allergies scalp. On my opinion dry shampoos didn’t work well on thin hair, so if you do have thin hair then go for a smaller size packaging so you won’t be disappointed if it didn’t work well for you.

The first shampoo by Batiste I’ve tried was the classic one Original (Clean & Classiс). I read that the classic one was the best of all of them and it was the most effective, but I disagree. After using the original my scalp felt irritated and itching and the scent is a-w-f-u-l – it smells just like Fervex limon and the only good thing is that you can’t feel it once after application.  The effect on the hair is great – it soaks up the oiliness and it gives it volume which stays until next washing. Due to the fact my scalp was irritated and the awful scent I won’t repurchase Original (Clean & Classic) so after I finished the bottle I went for Batiste Blush (Floral & Fruity) keeping in mind that if my scalp felt irritated again I’ll just stuck to my trust Klorane one.

For my surprise Batiste Blush (Floral & Fruity) didn’t irritate my scalp and I didn’t felt any discomfort while using it. The scent is more floral-powdery than fruity and almost perfumery. To be honest it reminds me of the scent of the products that are used in the solarium to keep the tan longer (maybe I should do a post about solarium too – heeeey, puberty mistakes: D it’s good that I’ve visited it only for 2 months!) The scent stays in the hair for some time and it’s noticeable and if you’re into more discreet scent you might want to skip this dry shampoo. Blush makes my hair perfumed until you wash it and due to the floral-powdery scent I would say this dry shampoo is perfect for the autumn & winter time. The effect after application is clear, volume and perfumed hair. 

At the beginning of the summer I bought the variant Fresh (Light & Breezy), which is my favorite of all of them. It smells super pure, clean and fresh, like soap & sea and that’s why the effect after application it’s similar to the regular shampoo – clean & fresh smelling hair that is full with volume. The scent isn’t sharp or intense so it won’t mix with your perfume, body lotion or other scented products. My scalp doesn’t feel irritated or itchy while using it. 

A few weeks ago Batiste launched their coconut scented dry shampoo - Tropical (Coconut & Exotic). I read a lot of positive reviews on it, plus I am a huge fan of everything coconut scented so I went straight ahead to buy it. But I am so disappointed! First, I was looking for it in a few DM stores but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Second, when I finally found it in DM there weren’t any testers available so I bought it without testing it because I thought that coconut won’t disappoint me. But it did!! The scent isn’t coconut or tropical at all – well, there is something coconut-y in it but it’s quite chemical and suffocate, it smells like a cheap deodorant – undefined kind of a sweet smell. It’s good that it doesn’t stay in your hair after spraying but the effect disappoints me too
– this is the only dry shampoo that I see in my hair after spraying. No matter how far I spray it’s visible and it leaves a thin, visible film over my hair which pisses me off! Due to the film the hair doesn’t look clean - well, it looks a bit better from before but the effect isn’t close to the Fresh one. Tropical is the only dry shampoo I feel in my hair after spraying – it’s not just leaving a film over my hair but whenever I touch my hair I feel the dry shampoo in my fingers. Disgusting!
I don't recommend this one even if you like the scent. 

A few words about the rest dry shampoos by Batiste – try to find a drugstore where testers are available. I tested the cherry scented shampoo which is the most popular of all but I didn’t like it - the scent is really fake and overwhelming. I also tested the volume variation but the scent isn’t ok too. There are also colored variations for dyed hair but mine is highlighted so I haven’t tried them. 

From now on I’ll buy only the Fresh (Light & Breezy) one, which is my absolutely favorite. If eventually I want to vary the scents I’ll go for Blush (Floral & Fruity), but I won’t repurchase any of the rest Batiste dry shampoos. 


Spray the dry shampoo from 30sm to the hair, leave it on for a minute and rub it with your fingers or comb. Place your hair in sections for easier usage.

Few advices for optimal results when using dry shampoo:

-do not use every day or every week dry shampoos. As every textured hair product this would stuck to your hair if you’re using it quite often and you hair won’t look good. If you use dry shampoo often make sure you use deep cleansing shampoo every two weeks so you can be sure you hair is clean. I use dry shampoo 1 to 2 times monthly or whenever is absolutely necessary. 

-apply dry shampoo only once. Whenever I need it I spray dry shampoo on the 3rd day and I leave it on for the next 4th day after washing.

-shake a few times the flacon before use.

-spray the dry shampoo from distance 20-30sm for optimal effect.

-comb the hair evenly after spraying and make sure the amount is evenly distributed.

-don’t spray dry shampoo over irritated or sore scalp.

Do you use dry shampoo and which one is your favorite?

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Have a nice evening everyone

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